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Medafore Scan Trainer

For many years East Lancashire hospital trust have been focused on trying to prevent stillbirths. We are aware that one of the preventable causes of stillbirth is babies that have not grown appropriately, intrauterine growth retardation or IUGR.  Women who are at risk are referred for a scan. However, there is shortage both locally and […]

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Memory Boxes

        ‘Luke’s Angel Friend’ Memory boxes are to support families in collecting cherished memories of their baby, no matter what gestation they are born.  These are put together by Joanne our founder.         We were pleased to have delivered our first 10 of  ‘Luke’s Angel Friend’ memory boxes to the hospital on Monday 23rd […]

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Serenity Suite Conversion-The project begins

The room that will become a 2nd Serenity Suite This photo is of the room which we are raising money for.  Currently this clinical room is your basic delivery suite.  Our hopes are to make this suite comforting for women who are ill or suffer loss during pregnancy.  It will be used by parents who […]

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Trisomy 13 Awareness

  Our Logo represents Trisomy 13/Patau’s Syndrome the 3rd most common Chromosomal syndrome after Down’s syndrome(Trisomy 21) and Edwards Syndrome(Trisomy 18). The colours in the ribbon represent love, life and joy. What is Trisomy 13/Patau’s Syndrome? Inside all of the cells of our bodies there are tiny structures called chromosomes. These chromosomes carry the genes […]

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